Success and Goalsetting Part 3

For those of you in the good ol’ USA.
How was your Independence Day Holiday? We had a HOT one! 90+ still at 10pm. This also has been our 2nd year of setting off our own fireworks. We had a blast!
Last week I challenged you .
Monitor your thinking. Notice your reactions. Be aware of your results.
Write it down.
What did you notice? Are your thoughts serving you? Are they moving you towards your dreams and goals?
Over 90% of what a person worries about is unnecessary.
Bob Proctor breaks it down further:
     40% will never happen
     30% are from the past and can not be happened
     12% are needless health worries
     10% are petty & misc
      Leaving Legitimate Concerns 8%
They are:
     Concerns we can’t do anything about
     Concerns we can do something about if we will learn how.
So it comes down to utilizing our God given mind the way we are supposed to.
***everything comes to us through our miracle mind.
Your mindset (thoughts and beliefs) control every single result you’ve had this year. When you learn to control your mindset you create permanent, lasting results in your life.
NEXT Challenge…
After monitoring your thoughts for a week, what areas of thought would you like to see change? Write these down. Now ponder some replacement thoughts. Write these down . Now read them out loud every day this week.
Wisdom Quote
When you change your mindset, you change your life. – Bob Proctor
 This week:
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Thanking Heaven for You.


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