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One of the first steps in designing a life you love is how you begin each day.  A solid morning routine sets the tone for your outlook, perspective, and mindset so have a great morning routine can make… or break… your day.

My morning routine empowers me to lead and serve with both gratitude and power – and it is my gift to you for visiting today. 

Purpose with Pamela Mission Statement

Dr. Pamela Henkel’s mission is to add value to as many lives as possible. Reminding them that they are here on purpose with a Purpose by Design and not by default.

Purpose by Design Podcast


Check out Pamela’s podcast where she interviews leaders and influencers changing the world because they DESIGNED a life that empowers them to fulfill their mission!  They share all their tips and tricks to finding your purpose, designing your life and living with passion!

Write Now Podcast:


WRITE NOW is and Authors platform for budding, aspiring, and published writers and authors. This platform is for authors to encourage, empower, and equip, people around the world by sharing their stories. Steven King said, ‘Description begins in the writer’s imagination but should finish in the readers.’ You are here on Purpose with a Purpose by Design not by Default, and it is your time right now to share your story on… Write Now.

Transformation & Success Coaching

Put Pamela’s 30+ years of inspiring and helping thousands of people find pursue and find their Purpose by Design


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From: Marie Bannerman-Hyde

Pamela is kind, patient and loving.  God is using her to greatly transform lives.  I signed up for her free training program in May and I asked a few friends to join:  Purpose By Design.  I discovered how to design the life I love, basically service to my church and my work.  I have experienced a different passion for God in doing this also.  Marring everyday life and church was sometimes a struggle but this has gone a long way to reorient me.

From: Miss Minnesota International Demi Radeva

Following the airing of her podcast with Pamela… I couldn’t express how grateful I am for this platform you’ve given me. So many people reached out as a result. Former friends, current friends and new friends! How wonderful is the feeling of being heard and people responding to my message.

From: Cookie Brothers CEO, FCF International

Pamela has demonstrated a genuine love for the church, for leaders, for people and for community. We deeply appreciate her! Pamela is an excellent communicator with a genuine heart to help people be their best. As a ministerial organization we value, recognize, and celebrate women in ministry and in leadership. As a ministry and leadership organization, we recognize the call of God upon her life and actualization of her natural and spiritual giftings that support it. We know your listeners will love to hear her!


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