Welcome to The Science of Happiness, a comprehensive course designed by Dr. Pamela based on the world-renowned Yale course on happiness. As a graduate of this course, Dr. Pamela has carefully crafted this 6-module course, complete with a workbook and resources, to guide you through the latest research and practices on cultivating lasting happiness.

Throughout this course, you will learn evidence-based strategies to increase your happiness, boost your resilience, and develop meaningful connections with others. You’ll dive into mindfulness, gratitude, character strengths, forgiveness, and positive relationships. Each module includes engaging exercises and practices to help you apply these concepts to your life and a comprehensive workbook to track your progress.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of happiness and well-being and develop practical skills to thrive personally and professionally. By enrolling in The Science of Happiness, you’re taking an essential step towards making lasting positive changes in your life and the lives of those around you.

Your Instructor

Dr. Pamela Henkel is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience and expertise. She is an International Best-Selling Author, multifaceted compere, speaker, elite coach, CEO, and Founder of both Purpose with Pamela and Pamela Henkel Ministries. Her mission is to add value to as many lives as possible and remind them that they are here on purpose with a Purpose by Design and not by default. Dr. Henkel holds a doctorate in Philosophy, Christian Leadership, and Business and is dedicated to the service of people. She is the Elite Coach and Client Enrichment Director at The Million In You. Dr. Pamela is also a multiple-show host.  Utilizing her podcasts, International radio, and social platforms to promote the voices of many on a global scale. Dr. Henkel is recognized as one of the Top 50 Women of Business and is an elite member of the Power Voice

PLUS:  Workbook – Resources – Class Activities – Module Assignments

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