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Extraordinary Lives require

Intentional Design…

Seize THIS day to dream and to discover YOUR individual potential through realizing your dreams. Pamela is a natural motivator and has shown many how to find their niche and excel. Although success can be an up-hill battle, you can find the necessary strategies to flourish- Pamela will awaken your dreams and purpose by design!

Purpose by Design

8-Week Course with Pamela

Eight full weeks of teaching with Pamela PLUS

  • Mid-Week FAMILY LESSONS & Activities
  • ​Abundant Resources and Tools for Every Single Step
  • ​HOMEWORK!!  Action Plans and Accountability to Make Sure This Is NOT “Just Another Program”
  • Facebook Community for Support on the Journey
  • Direct Email Access to Pamela for the FULL 8 Weeks!!
  • ​Weekly Workbooks to Track Your Work and Planning
  • ​Special Apps and Resources to Automate Your Path

Ascend Course

ASCEND is a self-paced 10 session course (plus bonus perks) designed to explain simple concepts that will transform your mindset and ignite real change in your life. 

ASCEND will help you discover and develop your Purpose by Design.  You are here ON Purpose with a Purpose by Design…  Not by default.

It is YOUR time to ASCEND above the crowd!

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