About Pamela

Dr. Pamela Henkel is the Founder/CEO of Purpose With Pamela and Purpose TV. She is the host and producer of TV broadcast “The Pamela Show” along Purpose by Design and Write Now international radio shows/podcasts.


Pamela is the head coach for Jon Talarico’s Million In You, “Inner Circle Program”.  She is also the Co-Visionary Authors of the Book Anthology, “Women Of The Powervoice” and and the Founder of Pamela Henkel Ministries.


Pamela loves to cheer people on to “Dream Again”.  If you are around her long, she will have you talking about your Purpose and making a vision board. Pamela is a motivator and she will convince you that finding your Niche’ is simple. Although success is a daily upward climb, Pamela will give you the strategies you need to succeed. Pamela will always be there cheering you on (pom poms in hand LOL). Because, your Best You is the Next You. Pamela shares her personal experiences, her education, and life as a woman in leadership. Her “let’s have coffee and chat” approach, will awaken your dreams and Purpose by Design.


Pamela and her husband James, have been married since 1995. They have 6 beautiful children and one amazing Grandchild.  Along with their dog Bailey, 3 cats and 7 birds. Minnesota is where they call home.






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Your Best You is the Next You!

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